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About H20 Performance Parts 

H20 Performance Parts, a company that in 2010, revolutionized the marine exhaust market by developing and perfecting an innovative casting process that allows components to be poured with exacting precision; eliminating traditional weak areas and producing a fit and finish that is unmatchable. Originally only available in private branded or OEM products, this same advanced process can now be found in our own brand of H2O Performance Parts.


Combining this innovative process with our latest tooling, the H2O brand of manifolds are produced with uniform wall thicknesses and clean exhaust passages; resulting in a product that outperforms the competition in both cooling and performance. Utilizing a high-grade cast iron that is continually tested to ensure proper mix and melt, structural integrity and strength are never compromised. Shot peened to smooth the external finish, all mounting surfaces are CNC machined to guarantee an exacting gasket mating surface. Every component is 100% leak tested, coated with a baked enamel finish, and protectively packaged for an out of the box, worry free installation.

H2O manifolds are designed to offer not only unmatched quality but do so at a competitive price. Please review our full lineup in our Parts Catalog to see why H2O Performance Parts are the best exhaust products available.



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